Senior Apartments vs Retirement Communities

Are “Senior Apartments” Different Than “Retirement Communities”?

If you are ready to get away from expensive home repairs and constant yard maintenance but don’t require daily assistance from a senior care facility, you might be looking into senior apartments or a retirement community. But what are the differences between them? And how do you know which one is right for you?

Senior Apartments and some Retirement Communities can both be categorized as “Independent Living Communities”, but different communities offer different benefits. Many Retirement Communities offer apartments or condos, but Senior Apartments don’t always fall under the umbrella of a “Retirement Community”.

Both types of communities are age-restricted, requiring residents to meet a certain age threshold in order to live in that community. This helps seniors find a community of equally mature residents and avoid renting an apartment with noisy college students next door. This also means the communities are typically priced with senior incomes in mind. A senior apartment community might offer rent below the local average, making them more affordable than an apartment community that doesn’t cater specifically to seniors.

Cooking in Your Senior Apartment in BlacksburgRetirement Communities typically require you to be just that, retired. They will usually have a greater focus on community activities and offer more services for their residents, such as dining halls with prepared meals, on-site church services, or transportation. But access to these services will come with a higher price tag. Because many Retirement Communities offer dining services, they might not include a full kitchen inside the apartment, limiting your choices if you’d prefer to continue cooking for yourself.

A “Retirement Community” could also describe an age-restricted neighborhood, with homes that seniors buy and access to amenities only available to that neighborhood’s residents. Some of these neighborhoods offer yard maintenance, but the homeowner is typically responsible for home maintenance, which many seniors are looking to avoid.

Senior Apartments can be a great stepping stone into retirement, without the expense of a retirement community or needing to take care of a home. Senior apartments offer access to community amenities, such as a fitness center or pool, but give you total autonomy with a full-size apartment and kitchen.

Senior apartments can also put you into a community of mature individuals, and offer activities to help meet others your age, but without overwhelming daily schedules that want to take over your entire life! You can easily maintain the same schedule, including work and family commitments while meeting new friends.

Senior Apartments in BlacksburgSenior apartments offer an affordable option for active seniors looking to escape home maintenance, without the expense of a senior care facility. While a Retirement Community might be better for those looking for more extensive amenities and activity schedules. What is best depends on you! Many communities offer tours that allow you to visit the community and see inside their apartments, to help you make the best choice.

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