Fieldstone Apartments Clubhouse in Blacksburg

Your Apartment Clubhouse: Luxury at Home

You may not know about all the benefits provided by an apartment community clubhouse. Your Blacksburg apartment clubhouse makes your apartment residence just like a luxury hotel in so many ways! The Fieldstone apartment clubhouse offers amenities that allow you to avoid the expense and travel associated with a gym membership, creates the ideal environment to study or play with your children, and includes the perfect space to entertain friends and family or meet community members. If you haven’t discovered all the ways your clubhouse can improve your life, here are some great ways to start!

Entertaining Space

The Fieldstone clubhouse is the perfect place to entertain family and friends, or to meet new friends from the community. You never have to clean up your living room to host a book club, and you can invite your whole family and all your child’s friends to your child’s birthday party without worrying that you won’t have enough space for your guests. The clubhouse is a cozy place to unwind and. Private meeting rooms create an ideal space to meet business clients or to interview a babysitter. You can even start your own film club and watch movies with friends!

Family Enrichment

Private meeting rooms in the clubhouse create places to study, by yourself or with your kids. Improve study habits and increase your ability to retain what you’ve learned by studying away from the distractions of home, the TV, and personal devices. Your Blacksburg apartment community clubhouse at Fieldstone apartments provides an excellent environment for your child to benefit from a study group. Studies show that group study can be very effective, and your apartment community clubhouse gives your child the opportunity to form a study group right in your Blacksburg apartment community (without the need to invite a group of kids into your home).

Blacksburg Apartment Fitness Center

Fitness at Home

The state-of-the-art fitness center located in your Blacksburg apartment community surpasses the features of the average gym and eliminates travel and a high-pressure sales staff. You can integrate the latest workouts into your fitness routine, work out to your favorite video, or experiment with new equipment without spending a lot of money on new tools. The convenience of working out in the fitness center before work or fitting in a quick workout at the end of your day before dinner increases the chances that you’ll stay committed to your fitness plan, rather than using cost or travel time to as excuses to skip your daily workout.


The Fieldstone clubhouse also allows you to enjoy recreational activities you might not otherwise be able to access conveniently. Give your kids a safe place to play and make friends on the playground or watch a movie with friends and family on a wide-screen television with lots of seating. Your clubhouse makes it easy to take part in the best recreational activities without leaving home.

Community Connection

Your apartment clubhouse helps to foster a sense of community that is difficult to cultivate in the suburbs and other Blacksburg residential communities. Make friends with a motivational workout partner, create a community book club, or join a community meeting with residents who share your values and your lifestyle. The Fieldstone clubhouse is a common space where community members can learn about each other and enjoy mutual interests. Seniors and children especially benefit from this spirit of community, where they can take advantage of opportunities to make friends in the community who will support them.

Find out about your apartment clubhouse and all that it has to offer to make your life at Fieldstone Apartments in Blacksburg your best life!